North Wales Coast
November 2000-1


 The evening sun beautifully catches the red and gold of the EWS livery as 37401 "Mary Queen of Scots" leaves Crewe with 1T50 the 15.30 Crewe-Holyhead. 13/11/2000

 37401 passing the Crewe Heritage Centre's signal box with 1T50. 13/11/2000

 Class 92 number 92004 "Jane Austen" heading for Crewe station having left the IETD. These locomotives generally work Channel Tunnel traffic. 13/11/2000

 37216 seems to live at Crewe these days. Today it left the depot and travelled South making smoke 11/11/2000

 A load unworthy of a class 37 as 37216, in "Mainline" livery, hauls a Middlewich-Warrington goods northwards out of Crewe station on the West Coast Main Line. 10/11/2000

 "Coradia" 175007 arrives with a Holyhead-Crewe train. 10/11/2000

 AC Electric Class 87 number 87003 "Patriot" in Crewe's platform 12 with an additional London Euston - Liverpool Lime Street service. The train was packed solid with passengers, most of whom disembarked at Crewe. 10/11/2000

 37401 "Mary Queen of Scots" had been on Crewe Diesel Depot on 7th November and now appeared on the 7.49 Holyhead-Crewe in platform 12. 8/11/2000

 37421 arrived hauling the 8.53 Holyhead-Birmingham which was on time. 8/11/2000

 37421 passing by. 8/11/2000

 Always wise to remember that the Class 175's are around and that 37/4 haulage is rapidly coming to a close. 175011 on the 10.07 Birmingham - Holyhead. 8/11/2000

 92032 "Cesar Franck" passed through on the centre road - very noisy these engines. 8/11/2000

 LNWR pillars and a class 158 DMU accompany 37429 "Eisteddfod Genedlaethol" as it enters Crewe's platform 11 with the 12.07 Birmingham-Holyhead. 3/11/2000

 The bright Autumn sunlight reflects off 37429 as it waits for a late running Virgin Euston-Liverpool train. Quite a number of passengers transferred onto the North Wales Coast train which consequently left 10 minutes late. 3/11/2000

 The lengthening rays of the Sun catch the exhaust from 37429 as it sets off for Holyhead. No chocolate and cream liveries today. 3/11/2000

 Off to Chester and the North Wales Coast. 3/11/2000

 "Cyclops" 67018 was visiting today. It is very difficult to photograph these machines at Crewe because of the way the light reflects off the corrugated bodywork. These locomotives appear quite small when considering their power capability. 3/11/2000

 37429 "Eisteddfod Genedlaethol" enters Crewe's platform 11 with 1D71, the 12.07 Birmingham-Holyhead. 2/11/2000

 37429 threads its way through the steelwork as it leaves Crewe for Holyhead. 2/11/2000

 EWS liveried 86426 "Pride of the Nation" waited on the centre road with a mail train. The EWS livery seems to suit most locomotives including the Class 86 electrics. Apparently Ed Burkhardt has launched a takeover bid for Wisconsin Central, EWS's American parent company! 2/11/2000

 Sadly November breaks with the news of another serious accident on the railways. The crash appeared to involve a mail train, hauled by 67002, running into the rear of a stationary coal train near Bristol, the locomotive riding up over wagons and apparently hitting a bridge. Thankfully, early indications are that the driver escaped relatively unhurt although one can only imagine the traum of the event.

These machines have started to appear regularly at Crewe and this shot is of 67016 when it visited on 28th July 2000. The Class 67 locomotive is capable of 125 mph and this incident demonstrates once again that driving trains can be a dangerous occupation - one wonders what the rewards are. Why is it that the media report accidents involving passenger trains as "crashes" whereas those involving freight are "derailments"? 1/11/2000