North Wales Coast
September 2000-2

As soon as 37429 had left, this string of Class 86 electric locomotives appeared en route for the IETD. The first and last loco's are in "Freightliner" livery. details are 86620 "Philip G Walton" leading with 86606 and 86631. 29/9/2000

37429 leaving Crewe for Holyhead. 29/9/2000.

37429 "Eisteddfod Genedlaethol" arrived at Crewe on 1D75, the 14.23 Birmingham-Holyhead. 29/9/2000.

175004 positively gleamed in the Autumn sunshine as it headed South from Crewe as ecs. Later, another unit, 175008, ran through the station to join the North Wales Line, again ecs. 28/9/2000

Double amber for 37412 "Driver John Elliott" as it reappeared on 1G97 the 13.01 Crewe-Birmingham. This working starts out as a DMU on the 11.28 from Bangor and for some reason changes to 37 haulage at Crewe. The matter is covered on the North Wales Coast Railway site. 28/9/2000

37429 arrived at Crewe with 1D71, the 12.07 Birmingham-Holyhead,

departed from Platform 11 with exhausts working well!

and crossed over to the North Wales line. 28/9/2000

"Mainline" liveried 37379 had passed Southbound through the station about 15 minutes before it returned North on a short rake of hoppers. On the right is power car 43101 at the head of an ecs Virgin HST which had developed a fault. The gentlemen in orange were looking underneath it with a mirror on a stick. 43062 was at the rear. 27/9/2000

The 37 slowed at a red light which changed to amber and off it went up the West Coast Main Line. Freight is not common through Crewe station, most of it uses the network of tunnels under the station - known as the "muckhole" from steam days for obvious reason. 27/9/2000

The start of the Winter timetable saw a new 37/4 working in 1G97, the 12.54 Crewe-Birmingham. The driver has stepped out of the cab of 37412 "Driver John Elliott"to check what was going on, the platform is curved and he cannot see the end of the train. The new timetable also brought the reduction to 4 coaches even though one was a Riviera unit in GWR colours. The train was waiting for a late incoming connection. 27/9/2000

37412 has the green light to leave Crewe Station for Birmingham New Street. The time was actually 13.05 and not as shown on the clock. 27/9/2000

Shortly after 37412 had left, 37429 "Eisteddfod Genedlaethol" arrived with 1D71, the 12.07 Birmingham-Holyhead. This locomotive, seen here leaving Crewe, is looking decidedly neglected and rumoured to be on a fast trip to the Wigan dismantling depot when the 37 haulage finally finishes. 27/9/2000

A quick visit to Crewe station to see the departure of the 15.57 Crewe-Holyhead gave me the opportunity to photograph 66001 on a Railtrack ballast train. This is the first of the Class 66 machines but I don't know if this is actually the prototype or not. 24/9/2000

Minutes later 37429 "Eisteddfod Genedlaethol" arrived at platform 12 with the 15.57 empty stock. this was despite most passengers waiting at platform 9 as indicated on the TV monitors - programmed to advertise the Class 175 DMU workings. 24/9/2000

A few minutes later 47749 "Atlantic College" arrived with a Holyhead-London (Euston). The diesel locomotive detaches here to be replaced by an electric unit - in this case 90015 "The International Brigade". 24/9/2000

90015 waiting to hook onto the rear of the London train at Crewe station. 24/9/2000

Minutes later 37429 left for Holyhead. 24/9/2000

37429 "Eisteddfod Genedlaethol" arrived on the 14.55 from Holyhead. 20/9/2000.

During its runround manouver, 37429 passed between 87025 "County of Cheshire (left) and 86401 "Hertfordshire Railtours" - a photographic opportunity not to be missed. 20/9/2000

37429 preparing to leave with the 17.19 to Holyhead. 20/9/2000

37413 arriving at Crewe's platform 12 with the 14.50 from Holyhead. 19/9/2000

After unhooking and running out of the South end of the station, 37413 runs back North through the centre road and onto the Chester line. 19/9/2000

It then returns towards its train in platform 12. 19/9/2000

Hooking onto the train. 19/9/2000

37413's driver checks the front end before leaving with the 17.19 for Holyhead. 19/9/2000

37401 "Mary Queen of Scots" arrived at Crewe with the 12.25 from Bangor after which it ran round to form 1D73, the 14.15 to Holyhead. 16/9/2000

37401 waiting for the signal to proceed into the yard in order to run round its train. 16/9/2000


The front end of a modern locomotive is a complicated affair. 16/9/2000