Part 1

 The shortest day of the year and the Chester Chuffer arrived at Crewe en route for Chester. A4 pacific 60009 "Union of South Africa" was in charge and was stopping for water. 21/12/2002

 The train length demanded that the train pull forward to the head of platform 12, normally watering is carried out at the foot of the southern steps but, today, a different hydrant was used with a long (long) hose. 21/12/2002

 86205 "City of Lancaster" was busy brewing up, presumably to attack Shap with a Scottish express in tow. It's not often one sees this these days! 21/12/2002

 Time to go and, with several blasts on the chime whistle, number 9 lifted the train out of Crewe. 21/12/2002

 No problem for this thoroughbred and its long train, including a buffet car and a generator car - almost as good as the Duchess! 21/12/2002

 Braving the biting cold on Crewe Station and a warming sight as I arrived. 37797 passing South with the Sandbach-Warrington acid train. 20/12/2002

 Nearby on the Diesel Depot scrap line was sister locomotive 37798 along with a motley bunch. The 47 on the left was in First Great western livery but I was unable to identify it. 20/12/2002

Catch 'em while you can - the 87's are starting to go missing as the inevitable end draws ever closer. This is 87022 "Lew Adams The Black Prince" with a Euston bound service. 22/12/2002

One of the many Christmas mail trains passing through Crewe, this time 90026 was in charge. 20/12/2002

 Another surprise as Harry Needle's 37194 pounded through platform 6 en route North. 20/12/2002

The acid train had returned for its journey to Arpley and waited patiently for a Liverpool train to depart North behind 90008. 20/12/2002

 37797 was soon away and is seen here gaining access to the West Coast Main Line - somewhat atmospheric as the mist was descending and the gloom persisted - it was actually about 1.30 in the afternoon! As the train straightened up the driver opened the throttle - no comment! 20/12/2002

 There is currently a daily class 67 bringing mail vans into the station where it is replaced by AC electric power for onward journey to Warrington. Today it was 67014 back from the dead. The 67 was detached and ran onto the Chester line to allow the waiting 90034, in the background, to replace it. The 67 then went onto the diesel depot. 20/12/2002


Part 1