JUNE 2002

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 Yet another class 47 on the Birmingham-Holyhead service, this time in the shape of 47759 seen here waiting to leave Crewe's platform 12 with the 10.07 from Birmingham. 26/6/2002

 The 9.19 Holyhead-London sported 47812 "Pride of Eastleigh" at the front. 26/6/2002

 The train was pushed forward by 90011 "West Coast Rail 250". 26/6/2002

 21st June, the longest day and 43156 leads 43155 out of Crewe with the 10.45 for Holyhead. 21/6/2002

 Shortly afterwards 47757 "Restitution" weaved its way across the maze of trackwork to find the Southern end of platform 12 with the 10.07 Birmingham-Holyhead. 21/6/2002

 An announcement over the PA indicated a locomotive change so the 11.15 departure of 757 was delayed. The exchange was held while the 9.19 Holyhead-London arrived behind 47826 "Springburn" in retro "Intercity" livery. 21/6/2002

 The replacement loco was 47732 "Restormel" which eventually left at 11.40 which was quite slick considering that the other locomotive change had to be carried out on the London train. 21/6/2002

 A visit to the Diesel Depot revealed an old friend, 37411 "The Scottish Railway Preservation Society" parked, dead, with 37886 "Sir Dyfed/County of Dyfed". 411 has just been released from Crewe after prolonged repairs and is seen to be suffering quite bad body rot under the EWS cab logo. 21/6/2002

 I was preparing to leave when a member of staff told me he was being picked up by the Pendolino en route for Stafford. A short wait and 390 001 "Virgin Pioneer" pulled into platform 5 before leaving South. 21/6/2002

 The 9.19 Holyhead-London Virgin service passing Bunbury Lock with 47xxx(?) in charge. 18/6/2002

 Celebrity class 47 number 47787 "Windsor Castle" at the the head of the 10.07 ex-Birmingham passing Bunbury Lock Westbound for Holyhead. This locomotive has been drafted in after the failure of regular 47757 "Restitution". 18/6/2002

 Wow! Look at that - click the picture for more of the "nearly" "Pendolino" day at Crewe Herritage Centre!

 Saturday on the north Wales Coast is class 47 day which, unless you are an early riser, starts at Crewe with the 08.05 Virgin London-Holyhead service. Today it arrived behind 87030 "Black Douglas". 15/6/2002

 The train was taken forward to Holyhead by 47739 "Resourceful" in RES colours. 15/6/2002

 739 storms away from platform 11 while 87016 "Willesden Intercity Depot" waits at the side to take the 9.19 from Holyhead down to the Capital City. 15/6/2002

 739 crossing over. 15/6/2002

 The 10.07 First North Western, Birmingham-Holyhead service leaves Crewe at 11.15 and today was no exception - dead on time behind Coastal regular 47757 "Restitution". 15/6/2002

 I really do not know what happened to this shot of 47840 "North Star" arriving at Crewe with the 9.19 Holyhead-London where it handed over to 87016 "Willesden Intercity Depot". 15/6/2002

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