Part 1

 Battle of Britain class 34067 "Tangmere" approaching Crewe to collect postal van stock from Basford Hall before returning to Crewe. The train then set off for Shrewsbury, Wolverhampton and back to Crewe on a proving run and included 47798 "Prince William" on the rear. I understand that the locomotive is out again on Saturday, running from Preston to Carlisle and back. 24/2/2003

 It's Rugex time again and 37418 leaves Shrewsbury, in the morning gloom, for Cardiff. Below is the triple header (well almost) also en route Cardiff. 22/2/2003

 47851 "Traction Magazine" rests on Crewe Diesel Depot. 21/2/2003

47829, another celebrity retro paint job arrived - and then left. 21/2/2003

 175101 still seems to be running OK as it leaves Crewe on a Holyhead-Birmingham service with the persistent route learning 47+saloon at the side. 21/2/2003

 150282, looking pretty, arrived from Cardiff. 21/2/2003

 66560 looked as if it had just come off the boat as it headed for Basford Hall. 21/2/2003

 On what must have been the coldest and brightest day of the year a strange working took place on the 08.40 London-Holyhead. There was a PA announcement that the train was late and would be delayed further because of an unexpected locomotive change! Oh joy!!! The train arrived in platform 12 behind 90027 "Allerton T&RS Depot" (left) and was replaced by 47818 "Strathclyde" which had been lurking at the end of platform 12 for some time (always a good sign). 18/2/2003

 The train left at goodness knows what time - it was much too cold to care - and headed West for Holyhead. Nothing too unusual about a 47 replacement for the HST working but.....

 ....just as you switch off your camera and take a cursory look for the DVT, another 47 tacked on the end. A quick switch-on with blue, numb fingers and a somewhat hurried shot of 47805 "Pride of Toton" looking silly on the back end - why was it there? 18/2/2003

 It is truly amazing what can be seen on Crewe station...... 18/2/2003

 90039 parked in platform 12 at Crewe with 90010 in tow. 14/2/2003

 47756 "Royal Mail Tyneside", normally reserved for the Manchester-Holyhead runs, left the diesel depot to run off along the Chester line. 14/2/2003

 The Sandbach acid train appeared with about a dozen hopper wagons included. 37051 was in charge. 14/2/2003

 The 37 ran off into the bright sunshine to Basford sidings. 14/2/2003

 In gloomy, foggy Crewe, 86228 "Vulcan Heritage" stands waiting for work with 86205 "City of Lancaster". 12/2/2003

 The morning 325 drag being assembled behind 47776 "Respected". Today the train comprised 325008 "Peter Howarth CBE", 325012 and 325006 "John Grierson". 12/2/2003

 37428 "Loch Long/Loch Awe" stands dead with 47830 and 47816 in FGW green. 12/2/2003

Riviera Trains' 47839, still without any form of branding, came out of the diesel depot and ran into the LNWR workshops. 12/2/2003


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