JULY 2003

 Part 1

 I am on the coast for a while so no more Crewe reports until I return. Hopefully there will be coastal shots to compensate.

 Tonight's London-Holyhead, seen here approaching Colwyn Bay in rapidly fading light, was loco hauled again with what should be unnamed 47782 in charge. Thanks to the Prestatyn evening watch for the advanced warning. Interestingly, this photo will appear here before the train has reached its destination just up the coast, such is the power...... 30/7/2003

The 9.26 Holyhead-London, with 47841 "Spirit of Chester" at the head, enters Colwyn Bay station on the lean. There is a high degree of super elevation here which I assume is because the track was sharply curved in order to facilitate the A55 roadway visible in the background. 29/7/2003

 841 powering up to leave. 29/7/2003

 A day trip to Blaenau Ffestiniog - click the photo for words and pictures! In this shot, 153310 leaves Betws y Coed for Blaenau.....

 So a trip to Holyhead it was to be then, leaving Colwyn Bay at 11.43 in order to return on the loco hauled 13.56. The stock was 158756 which was just about ready for Barry scrap yard - what a mess, hot, smelly, cushions falling all over the place, an indiscernible PA system and a part functioning destination indicator. 23/7/2003

 Arrival at Holyhead and part of the track is closed off. To walk through to the ferry terminal from the station is like walking into another world - the station, like most along the North Wales Coast, is appalling. Dirty,drab and, as far as I could tell, no method of determining where any particular train was going to! The 158 I arrived on was returning to Stockport but, because the indicator was broken, people were knocking on the driver's door to ask the destination. 23/7/2003

 The HST had arrived from London and was quickly emptied and cleaned, well sort of - staff went along the train to remove rubbish but the ingrained food etc in the carpet remained.

 The loco hauled train from Birmingham arrived with 47756 "Royal Mail Tyneside" at the head where it was detached for the run round. 27/7/2003

 Onto the headshunt to wait for the release.....

 ......then round the stock...... reattach for the return journey. 23/7/2003

 Waiting for the off and what a dramatic difference in comfort from the 158 despite the food etc ingrained in the carpets. 23/7/2003

 Arrival at Colwyn Bay where, for some reason, the train does not stop on the outward journey. What a disgusting mess this station has become - clearly First North Western have lost interest now. 23/7/2003

 Retro painted 47826 "Springburn" in INTERCITY livery arriving at Colwyn Bay with the 16.13 Holyhead - London. 20/7/2003

 Leaving with the DVT coupled behind in readiness for the trip South from Crewe with AC traction pushing. 20/7/2003

 Powering away into the distance with little noise or exhaust. 20/7/2003

 The 13.35 Holyhead-London batting through Abergele with 43101 leading 43084. 19/7/2003

 Same place - different loco. 47733 "Eastern Star" takes the 13.56 Holyhead-Birmingham towards Penmaenhead tunnel. 18/7/2003

 What I believe was 47781 "Isle of Iona" leaving Colwyn bay station with the 13.56 Holyhead-Birmingham. 16/7/2003

 A shot taken seconds later as it headed towards Penmaenhead tunnel. 16/7/03


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