A visit to Sandbach to see what is happening and...not a lot. This is 220025 charging towards Manchester. 16/4/2005

 A 158. 16/4/2005

At least this was something pulling something. 66570 easing its load towards the crossover which will ultimately allow the train to gain entry to the Crewe independent lines. 16/4/2005

47840 "North Star" parked up at Crewe. 15/4/2005

 92027 passed through en route for the IEMD. 15/4/2005

 At the other end of the station was 57307 "Lady Penelope" with its pink nameplate! The locomotive looked very work worn. 15/4/2005

 323224 diving down into platform 1 on a Manchester-Crewe via Manchester Airport service.....

 .....and taking the underpass on its way back to Manchester. 15/4/2005

 Pendolini by the dozen today, here, 390007 awaits departure from platform 6 while a hippo waits to leave with the Chester shuttle. 15/4/2005

 007 actually had quite a long wait as the hippo left to be replaced by another. 390043 arrived in platform 5 en route to the capital city. 15/4/2005

Big aren't they? 15/4/2005

 Unusually, the Penmaenmawr stone train passed through the station today, en route for the virtual quarry at Basford Sidings. 15/4/2005

 Hippo 175111 leaving platform 6, destination Manchester. I believe this service commenced in South Wales? 15/4/2005

Pendolino 045 "Virgin Valiant" doing a runner on the up fast. Dramatic! 15/4/2005