33056 is to be scrapped shortly to aid the overhaul of 33102 and the restoration of 25322/D7672 "Tamworth Castle".

 An interesting line-up at Crewe today as five redundant class 87's arrived on a crew training run! 26/4/2005

Individually they are 87008 formerly "City of Liverpool" 26/4/2005

 87021 formerly "Robert the Bruce" 26/4/2005

87025 formerly "County of Cheshire" 26/4/2005

87026 formerly "Sir Richard Arkwright" 26/4/2005

 87007 formerly "City of Manchester" 26/4/2005

 In bay 3 was 57316 "Fab 1" 26/4/2005

 92043 ran through with a northbound freight. 26/4/2005

Now you don't see many of these nowadays - mail unit 325015 was heading North but whether it went up the WCML or round to the IEMD I don't know. 26/4/2005

 150284 looking pretty while waiting to leave for South Wales. 26/4/2005

 47805 entered bay platform 7 then reversed out again. 26/4/2005

Work on the redundant bays continues and we now have a bright red bus shelter on platform 12! 26/4/2005

This notice on the contractor's fencing was quite intriguing - platform 13 extant! 26/4/2005

 Meanwhile, at the North end, a wall has been built across the tracked - I assume that it is to form a walkway to link the car-park to platform 12. Curiouser and curiouser said Ian......