For anyone who hasn't yet seen the LNWR Super "D" you really should get over to the Churnet Valley Railway.

A colourful scene in the August sunshine as prototype Pendolino 390001 leaves for London with 57306 "Jeff Tracy" sits waiting for business while on thunderbird duty. 10/8/2005

The Network Rail HST makes a fine sight as it heads North with 43154 leading.........

......and 43067 trailing. 10/8/2005

66539 arrived with a train of welded rail. 10/8/2005

On the back end was 66547. The train stopped and reversed before heading off onto the Shrewsbury line. 10/8/2005

67024 also appeared from the Shrewsbury direction but, I suspect, off Basford Hall sidings. 10/8/2005

Crewe dereliction as the weeds begin to take over. This is the back way into the station via the Virgin car park. The bay superstructures have all been cleared away and what can only be described as hideous fencing erected to marshal passengers. 4/8/2005

At the base of the foot bridge a path has been constructed over the trackbed to give access to the North end of platform 12. 4/8/2005

In platform 12 were 350111(L) and 350121 in the process of testing. 4/8/2005

A curious(!) sign was entered into the window display. 4/8/2005

The wording was repeated on the header display as the formation left to head South. 4/8/2005

Work continues around the former diesel depot where a new footway has been constructed to allow safe staff access. The men in the picture were busy laying boards between the tracks to create some kind of crossing. Watch this space! 4/8/2005

66534 "OOCL Express" entered platform 12 with 66540 dead in tow. 4/8/2005

534 was detached to run round the static "shed" before dragging its partner to the LNWR depot. 4/8/2005

While this manoeuvre was being undertaken, 66614 ran into bay 8 to reverse and also head for LNWR. 4/8/22005

92010 romped through with a southbound freight. 4/8/2005

This was soon followed by DRS liveried 66402. I am all for catching them young but the little chap on the left was stood perilously close to the platform edge while his Granddad let him photograph the train. Pendolino and Voyager units enter platform 6 at quite high speeds and Granddad was looking the other way. Very dangerous and irresponsible. 4/8/2005

On the way out I just managed to catch the morning Penmaenmawr stone train coming off the Chester line and running behind the platforms to access Basford Hall and its virtual quarry. 4/8/2005