With the possibility of the 47's finishing on the coast this weekend I took a trip to Chester to watch the 10.03 Manchester-Holyhead pass through the County Town. It appeared, on time, with 47812, formerly "Pride of Eastleigh" at the head. 15/2/2005

Probably the first day this year that I have enjoyed any bright sunshine which does help in many ways. This was a refurbished, Merseyrail class 507 number 507016 coming in to land. 15/2/2005

 That was it really, Chester ain't wot it used to be. Back at the Grand Junction, 47826 "Springburn" entered from the Stoke line and parked up in the freezing cold sunshine......

 ......and watched the world go by. 15/2/2005

 It was shed time at Crewe as, first, 66058 hurried through the centre road with a train of HA's etc.. 15/2/2005

058 was soon followed by 66517 leading four container flats....

....with 66516 at the rear.......

 ....accompanied by 66514. 15/2/2005

 As if that were not enough, the day's entertainment was concluded by "Shanks' Pony", 66522, entering the bay. All four machines later ran in to the LNWR depot. 15/2/2005