Crewe "muckhole" or the independent lines - those that pass under the station area, generally used by freight trains. The slang term relates back to the days of steam when, as can be imagined, there was a lot of smoke and soot from these tunnels that saw much more use than now. I just managed to catch 66035 as it headed underground. 6/6/2005

 221125 was weaving its way through the steel jungle en route for Holyhead. 6/6/2005

 There it was, my first Desiro, well two of them actually, both on test. 350111 was leading....

 .....with 350107 at the rear. Another nail in the coffin of loco haulage I guess. 6/6/2005

 390016 had been held just South of the station adjacent to the carriage sheds and, when given the road, accelerated heavily on its way North. I took two successive shots which fired at an interval of 0.4 seconds - the difference between the two shots demonstrates the power in these machines. 6/6/2005

 A busy day lined up on the coast and the first of the visitors is Class 40 number 40154 on Pathfinder's "The Whistling Slater" seen here having passed through Colwyn Bay and heading for Llandudno Junction. 4/6/2005

 It is destined for Blaenau Ffestiniog and then back to Holyhead before returning home - quite a tour. 4/6/2005

A quick jump ahead to Glan Conwy station while the Whistler runs round its train. When 145 started off from the Junction, near the buildings at the top left, the roar could be distinctly heard despite the raging wind off the Conwy estuary. Note the heads at the carriage windows. 4/6/2005

 Running alongside the Conwy River this line must rank with the best for views - at least it would if some of the trees were cleared as they used to be. 4/6/2005

 Having cleared the station platform the train curved round to follow the line of the river as the lone photographer followed its progress from his rocky perch. 4/6/2005

A wider shot gives some idea of the landscape. 4/6/2005

Meanwhile, across the estuary, a Hippo is about to enter Conwy Castle bridge as the rip tide begins to form. 4/6/2005

Having photographed the Duchess at Colwyn Bay on several occasions I chose to video it on the way out to Holyhead, catching it with the SLR on its return. It never fails to impress at this point and today it didn't let me down. The beat from these engines under load is wonderful! 4/6/2005

 Thrashing away as it was worked hard..... leaned into the curve as it entered the station and was gone in a flash. Stirring stuff from yesteryear. 4/6/2005

Weaving about at the back was class 47 number 47826 "Springburn". 4/6/2005

Just a few minutes later the roar of the class 40 and it was really going some. 4/6/2005

Like the Stanier pacific the diesel was gone in a flash but could be heard rumbling away into the distance. What a fantastic day on the coast. Now for the Cambrian Coast Line with its Summer programme of diesel and steam - it gets better. 4/6/2005