47839 "PEGASUS" leaving Crewe with Compass Tours' charter "The Cumbrian Fellsman" running Stafford-Carlisle-Stafford via Shrewsbury. 18/04/2009

 On the rear end was 47843 "VULCAN". 18/04/2009

 Parked on the Diesel Depot yard was 67001, believed to be waiting to head a football special to Wembley the next day. 18/04/2009

 The reason for the visit was to see the return of 6233 "Duchess of Sutherland" on "The Citadel Express" running Lincoln-Crewe-Carlisle and return. The Duchess was to be detached at Crewe where 57601 was waiting to take the train forward to Lincoln. 18/04/2009



 47786 has retained its name "Roy Castle OBE" since acquisition by West Coast Railways. 18/04/2009

 Personally I find the WCR livery a bit drab compared to that carried when in EWS ownership. 18/04/2009

 As darkness drew on and there was still no movement from the top&tail locomotives, I tried some hand-held shots of moving trains. This is 390027 setting off for Manchester, the camera was set on ISO 6400. Not bad considering the light level but somewhat grainy. 18/04/2009

 Darker still and this UID Pendolino was moving fast through the centre road, I don't know what the running speed is through the station - 80MPH? Very grainy but quite impressive I feel. 18/04/2009

 At last 766 made a move out of the station to await the Citadel's arrival and then hook onto the rear. Pointless trying to photograph anything moving without using flash which is, of course, not allowed and for good reason. 18/04/2009

 The Duchess arrived running approximately 90 minutes down and it was so dark that even video didn't work. Just for the heck of it I tried shooting 158833 whilst it was stood in the bay platform. No problem with that apart from forgetting to set the camera for fluorescent lighting which has affected the colours. 18/04/2009