With 47826 leading the failed 47786 "Roy Castle OBE", the two class 47's race under the A55 at Llysfaen and head towards Colwyn Bay with the Worcester-Llandudno-Blaenau Ffestiniog charter "The Welsh Mountaineer", operated by The Railway Touring Company. 2/05/2009

 Approaching Penmaenhead and its tunnel. 2/05/2009

The diesel hauled charter was heading for Llandudno and then Llandudno Junction from where it was to be steam hauled to Blaenau Ffestiniog by double-heading Stanier Class Fives. The two "Black Fives" or "Mickeys" or whatever your chosen nickname happened to be back in the 50's/60's, were scheduled to run light engine behind the charter so I positioned myself on top of the cliff to observe their passing. While waiting I "shot" a Hippo heading East in its new livery - a vast improvement I feel. 2/05/2009

 Soon afterwards, and on schedule, the two engines passed by the site of Old Colwyn station, 45407 was leading 45231. The entourage had turned on the Chester triangle to enable them to run up to Blaenau boiler first and then return the train to Crewe also with boilers leading. 2/05/2009

A wider shot of the Bay. 2/05/2009

 I would have liked some shots of the diesels on the Llandudno branch at Deganwy but time didn't allow so it was off to the Junction for the steam. From where I was located I could hear the diesels and the steam locomotives shunting around and then the exhaust sounds from the Class 5's. Then they rounded the curve going full bore at the Conwy Valley line - just stunning! 2/05/2009

 Later that day and at Colwyn Bay station to see the pair heading home. Just about on time I saw steam appear over the A55 side walls and then the train burst in to view and really going some. However, at the same time, there was the sound of diesel engines coming from behind me - no! surely not!

 Yep, just at the very moment a 158 pulled out of the station heading West and........

 ......sure enough it completely blocked the shot of the double header, only allowing a smokebox view of 5407....

 ....and a full shot of 5231 - ah well, you win some......    2/05/2009