Colwyn Bay and the Saturday "drag" comprised Pendolino "390002 and 57308 leading. 28/07/2012

 At Raynes Pier "Arklow Rock" was in the process of loading stone from the quarry. 28/07/2012

 Round the curve at Llanddulas was 60009 "Union of South Africa" on its second visit to the North Wales Coast with the North Wales Coast Express, running from Liverpool to Holyhead via Llandudno (twice!). 29/07/2012

 Running through Llysfaen with that destructive A55 in the background. 29/07/2012

 Heading for the tunnel at Penmaenhead. 29/07/2012

 Having stopped at Llandudno Junction for water, the A4 took the branch to Llandudno, seen here approaching Dganwy. 29/07/2012

 Dganwy station, what a locomotive. I was brought up on LMS and therefore no particular lover of LNER stock but I can't help but appreciate the lines of 60009. 29/07/2012

 This time "Royal" 47798 "Prince William" was bringing up the rear, as a former coastal runner it's nice to see it back in service. 29/07/2012

 Within the blink of an eye the train was back, this time with the diesel leading and the Great Orme in the background. 29/07/2012

 60009 was hanging on the rear. 29/07/2012

 After a short stop at the Junction the train was westward bound for Holyhead, seen here crossing the cob and heading for Conwy castle. 29/07/2012

 The Llandudno branch was now back to normal - for the time being.
(Nice XF in the car park)