Crewe station and 44932 emerged from platform 12 after taking on water, having arrived from Carnforth earlier that morning. 09/03/2012

 The Stanier class 5 drew up to the signal in a cloud of smoke before continuing out of the station. It then reversed into bay platform 7. 09/03/2012

 Clearing the platform and access to water was necessary because the next arrivals took their place in platform 12. 5043 "Earl of Mount Edgcumbe" led 6201 "Princess Elizabeth" to the watering point. 09/03/2012

 After quenching their thirst the two locomotives left to head North, providing the many photographers with an impressive display of smoke and steam. Thankfully there were no drain cocks open to spoil the fun! 09/03/2012

 67025 "Western Star" drew in with an array of wagons, presumably from Stoke-on-Trent. 09/03/2012

 Finally, 44932 left en route for Southall, this time the cocks were open! 09/03/2012

 Winsford station and an unidentified Voyager heads South. 01/03/2012

 Closely followed by 66414 heading North. 01/03/2012

 Then the reason for the visit, 70013 "Oliver Cromwell" was running light from Carnforth to Southall. 01/03/2012

 An unidentified Pendolino - they simply go too fast to be recognised! 01/03/2012