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 The East Lancashire Railway and the second day for "Flying Scotsman" on public service. I joined the first train from Heywood with "Crab" 13065 (aka 42765) in charge. 10/01/2016

 Reversing to the headshunt. 10/01/2016

 Running round. 10/01/2016

 Hooked up and ready to leave for Rawtenstall. 10/01/2016

 Entering Bury, Bolton Street. 10/01/2016

 Collecting the token. 10/01/2016

 31466 was shunting a couple of coaches. 10/01/2016

 Everyone was lined up at Bury to see "Scotsman" sail through the station, non-stop en route for Heywood. Then the announcement came that the train was being routed round the back through platform 4 - thanks ELR! 10/01/2016

 So, going-away shots it had to be with 45407 "Lancashire Fusilier" coupled behind - presumably for insurance. 10/01/2016

 Here's how it looked at Crewe in 2001. 10/01/2016

 Ramsbottom station and the "Crab" is waiting for the train from Rawtenstall to leave the section. 10/01/2016

 The crowd was gathering. 10/01/2016