I arrived at Crewe just in time to see 57307 "Lady Penelope" disappear to access the Gresty Bridge depot. 26/07/2016

 Shrewsbury and 153367 prepares to depart for Swansea. 26/07/2016

 175107 arrived en route for Manchester. 26/07/2016

 A great deal of work was being undertaken on the river bridge and the centre road appears to have been reconnected 'though still not usable. 26/07/2016

 158833 paused in platform 3 with destination Holyhead..... be joined by 158835 and 158831. 26/07/2016

 221117 arrived from Wolverhampton and later left for London Euston. 26/07/2016

 A "Scot" appeared from the encroaching Buddleja (or Buddleia) while on its way from Bristol to Crewe. 26/07/2016

 The engine was held in platform 3. 26/07/2016

 Movement. 26/07/2016

 Heading for Chester and Crewe. 26/07/2016

 Returning to Crewe and some hurried shots, through a less than clean window, of stock on the DRS, Gresty Bridge depot. 26/07/2016

 My ride to Crewe was aboard 175116 seen being prepared for departure to Manchester. 26/07/2016

 57309 was awaiting work. 26/07/2016

 46100, "Royal Scot" arrived from Chester. 26/07/2016

 The engine was originally scheduled to enter the UDL but this was changed and platform 12 it was. I tried to take more shots of it held at the signal but it received a green and left for its base. 26/07/2016