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 Sandbach. 07/06/2016

Crewe station and 92038 in Caledonian livery was parked up with "Lady Penelope".  08/06/2016

92014 appeared in similar livery and was joined by 66169.  08/06/2016

A Pendolino left platform 6 without crossing over to the down fast although it did later as the indicator shows.  08/06/2016

After some wait "Scotsman" left the Heritage Centre as everyone lined up on platform 7 to photograph it......

......sadly it crossed over and entered platform 6.  08/06/2016

Shortly afterwards 46115 "Scots Guardsman" entered the station with the express, we had been expecting "Galatea" so this was a welcome bonus.  08/06/2016

Platform 12 where the Scot was detached.  08/06/2016

There was plenty of interest in the engine.  08/06/2016

By the time the Scot had moved there was quite a crowd gathering.  08/06/2016
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