Holmes Chapel viaduct and an unidentified Pendolino heads for Manchester. 14/06/2016

A class 323 heads for Crewe. 14/06/2016

 "Flying Scotsman" running from York to Crewe in preparation for the run to Holyhead the next day. 14/06/2016

 Exactly what the crowd wanted to see.. 08/06/2016

 There was a degree of panic as a freight train stopped in platform 11 but it was only a crew change and soon moved on. 08/06/2016

 Brewing up. 08/06/2016

 Pulling away. 08/06/2016

 Within minutes of the Scotsman departing, 46115 returned to platform 12 for water, having turned on the triangle. 08/06/2016

 6115 wasn't very clean but that's how I remember them - wonderful. 08/06/2016

 Pendolino with "bullet holes". 08/06/2016

 Eventually the Scot left for Carnforth. 08/06/2016

 Meanwhile, on the former diesel depot, 46100 "Royal Scot" was simmering. So, within the confines of Crewe station had been "Flying Scotsman", "Scots Guardsman" and "Royal Scot" all at the same time. A real Scottish delight (not to mention two class 92's in Highland garb). 08/06/2016