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 Crewe station and 57308 was on standby. 28/05/2016

 46100 "Royal Scot" exits its home base. 28/05/2016

 The Ynys Mon Express arrived from Swindon behind 66009. 28/05/2016

 The Scot deposited its support coach onto the rear of the train. 28/05/2016

 If only! 28/05/2016

 The 66 left the train and removed the leading coach. The Scot later ran round and attached to the train in preparation for the run to Holyhead. I had to leave to see the train at Chester. 28/05/2016

 Chester and the three cylinder beat could be heard well in advance of the train arriving. 28/05/2016

 The train wasn't stopping and took the centre road. 28/05/2016

 Back at Crewe and Pendolino 390040 announced that Virgin Radio is back as 350369 arrived from London. 28/05/2016