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 57309 "PRIDE OF CREWE" waiting for work at Crewe. 10/09/2016

 My transport to Shrewsbury - seriously over-crowded as usual. 10/09/2016

 6201 "Princess Elizabeth" arriving from Bristol with The Cathedrals Express. 10/09/2016

 47580 as ever. 10/09/2016

 The train pulled forward into sidings just North of the station and could be seen from the castle walls. 10/09/2016

 I had chance to check out the footbridge over the station, it looks far better inside than out although it's still not brilliant. 10/09/2016

 View from the bridge looking North......

 ......and South. 10/09/2016

 6201 reversed through the station and out onto the Birmingham line. 10/09/2016

 The River Severn seen through the bridge. 10/09/2016

 Passing the Gresty Bridge depot, 37405 was among the many locomotives parked. 10/09/2016

 My chariot back to Crewe. 10/09/2016

 Platform 1 at Crewe. 10/09/2016