60103 "Flying Scotsman" entering Crewe station en route for the East Lancashire Railway. 28/09/2016

Entering platform 12 for water. 28/09/2016 

 Engine and support coach reversed out of the platform to gain access to the UDL. 28/09/2016

 Because these two were occupying the UDL......

 .....Scotsman left via platform 11 and the opportunity to photograph the engine in full and at rest was lost! 28/09/2016

 86604 entered bay platform 7 and then left Southbound. 28/09/2016

 57301 "Goliath" left bay platform 8 and entered the Stoke line. 28/09/2016

 37025 "Inverness TMD" ran through platform 11 with a test train and left on the Chester/North Wales line. 28/09/2016

 Driving around Cheshire this morning, and completely off topic, I managed to find a safe place to stop and look at the Jodrell Bank radio telescope. Very impressive. 11/09/2016

 Standing waiting on Lostock Gralam station, G-FDZU, a Boeing 737-8K5 of Thompson Airways
flew out from Manchester airport.

 The reason for standing waiting on Lostock Gralam station, I wanted to see 59003 "YEOMAN HIGHLANDER" hauling the GBRf 15, day 4, running from Liverpool Lime Street to Doncaster to celebrate 15 years of GB Railfreight. 11/09/2016