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15th OCTOBER 2017

 No, I don't know either!

 Season of mists in the valley as the auto train arrives from Llangollen while the local birds annoy a Buzzard.


 Auto train controls with the regulator hanging down, the hand brake in the centre and the red brake valve on the right.
The whistle cord hangs down from the top left.

 End of the line at Corwen.

 Engine and crew take a rest in the Autumn sunshine.

 Interior of the auto coach.

 The driver in action.

 The River Dee was in flood.


 34053 "Sir Keith Park" arriving at Glyndyfrdwy.

 GWR 2-8-0 number 2807 on the rear.

 Token changing apparatus at Deeside Halt.

 View from the auto train driving compartment.

 Illuminated for Berwyn tunnel.

 Leaving Llangollen, 80072 had a real struggle on the damp rails and it was quite a distance out before it found its feet.

 68030 was looking a bit sad.

 The Autumn colours made an interesting backdrop.

 Berwyn's cat sat on a pigeon basket but it didn't move much.

 Berwyn and the Chain Bridge.

 80072 waiting to attach to the rear of the next train out to Corwen.

 I really dislike the suburban stock because it's too restrictive but it did look the part at Carrog.

 After much tooting and chuffing, 34053 approached Carrog.


 Waiting at Carrog.