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 29th APRIL 2018

 34052 "Lord Dowding" aka 34046 "Braunton" being pulled out of the depot in preparation for hauling The Welsh Borders Explorer, running Crewe-Chester-Telford-Stafford-Crewe.

 Pulling into platform 12.

 The Bullied pacific made a spectacular start with some slight slipping as it left the platform.

 D1935 was tacked on the end, now bearing a nameplate "Roger Hosking MA 1925-2013".

 37685 "Loch Arkaig"with 47772 "Carnforth TMD" on the rear, passed through the UDL with a WCRC ecs working.

 Stafford, and Cross Country Super Voyager 221137 headed North.

 The West Country Pacific arrived at Stafford in platform 6.

 220026 left for northern climes.

 Time to go.

 Back at Crewe and 158857 waits to depart for Derby.

 Having arrived back at Crewe, "Braunton" deposited its stock and turned on the triangle before returning to the depot.

 There is no dignity for Pendolino carriages.

 My chariot home.