CREWE 10th AUGUST 2018

 On the way to Crewe and, with the ticket office closed, the Sandbach ticket machine was out of service - again! I really do not like Northern, if it's not this machine it's the parking machines - you know, the ones that take ages to work when they are in service, and you know what, they don't give a damn.

 D1935/47257 moved around the diesel depot yard.

 The NR train entered the UDL off the Shrewsbury line and later left on the Stoke line.

 Mail unit 325004 had earlier passed through the station heading South on the main line, it later returned.

 I had heard the growl in the distance earlier and was pleased to see 37607 enter from the Shrewsbury line and head North up the main line.

 Sadly hauled by 66172, A4 Pacific No.60009 "Union of South Africa" entered platform 12 en route for the Heritage Centre to spend the night before moving to Preston the next day to haul The Settle and Carlisle Golden Express I.

 Paused in platform 12 waiting for access to the Heritage Centre.

 On their way. The 66 was carrying a small name plate under the cab window "PAUL MELLENEY".

 The pair left in a cloud of smoke, steam and diesel exhaust.

 My chariot home.

 CREWE 2nd AUGUST 2018

 My journey in to Crewe in 319383 which appeared to have been refurbished.

 It looked quite smart inside.

 66598 was running round stock.

 Two class 40's were running from Bury to Kidderminster for the Severn Valley Railway and were scheduled to pause for a couple of minutes in platform 12. A signalling fault had kept Voyagers captive in platforms 11 and 12 which meant a hurried run round to platform 6 to catch the 40's running through on the down fast.

 40145 was leading 40106 "Atlantic Conveyor".

 My ride home in unbranded 319446.