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 Crewe station and The Branchline Society's charter to Buxton was waiting to leave from platform 12. On the rear of the train were 37407 and 37558 "Avro Vulcan XH558" aka 37424.

 Leading the train out and leaving a trail of clag was 37401 "Mary Queen of Scots".

 Chester and the building demolition is almost complete with water spray to keep the dust down.

 D1944/47501 "CRAFTSMAN" appeared from Crewe on route learning duties.

 The 47 turned on the triangle, paused for a while and then headed back to Crewe.

 67022 entered the station.

 Back at Crewe and just in time to see the royal train depart from platform 12 after the Queen's visit to Chester.
67005 "Queen's Messenger" was leading with 67006 "Royal Sovereign" on the rear.

 My rattling chariot back to Sandbach.

 A quick hop to Lostock Gralam as 66503 "Railway Magazine" headed towards Manchester.


 Fortunately the train was moving quite slowly in order to enter the Middlewich branch so I was able to catch it as it headed towards Sandbach. It is hoped that the branch will be reopened to passenger services in the not too distant future.

 Sandbach, and again I was just able to catch the train as it left the branch and entered the station.

 There was a wait of about ten minutes to allow various workings to pass so plenty of time for photing.

 Time to leave.

 Fabulous 37/4 fest.