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 Crewe station and, well there's a "Scot" in there somewhere, setting out for Chester on a training run.

 Yep, there it is.

 57007 came off the Stoke line with 68028 in tow.

 The 153 left for Shrewsbury.

 As 66200 entered platform 6 the driver opened it up.....

 .....with 67002 in tow and they continued South when.....

 .....this happened! I don't know what occurred but the pair did seem to continue on their journey.

 The new one wasn't much better.

 56094 paid a brief visit.

 Not seen this before, formerly part of the London Midland franchise apparently.

 90041 and 90045 entered platform 12 for a crew change before heading North.

 The Scot returned from its Chester run.

 46100 didn't hang around and I just managed to see it leave for the depot..