The Salopian Express, running Barrow-Shrewsbury. 48151 had been advertised but 35018 "British India Line" rolled into Crewe at the head of the train with 12 on plus diesel. The Merchant Navy pacific had difficulty starting after being held outside the station with some slipping in evidence.

 Another fancy Pendolino.

 When charters stop at Crewe, most of the passengers dismount to look at the engine which makes photography somewhat difficult. A hasty move to the South end of the station revealed the train hadn't pulled forward sufficiently to allow some shots so it was a case of on the floor and blind shoot or nothing.

 Off to Shrewsbury ahead of the Merchant Navy to see it being held outside the station waiting for traffic to clear.

 Some of the traffic.

 Eventually the path was clear and the train approached platform 4.

 These are large engines!