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 47760 took the empty stock out for servicing.

 35018 turned on the triangle and, after some considerable time, it emerged to run down to join the stock.

 The return journey to Crewe takes the route past the DRS depot at Gresty Bridge. Photographing the stock through a less than clean window on a fast moving dogbox is not easy hence the blurred images. 57007(R) and 57307 are on this one.

 68030(L) and 68011.

 Pioneer 88001 "Revolution".

 Crewe-Shrewsbury dogbox shuttle.

 Eventually, and in fading light, the Merchant Navy returned from Shrewsbury to Crewe where it would spend ten minutes before returning North. Sadly my train home was to leave before the Pacific but by that time I was too cold to wait for the next one.

 323232. my ride home.