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NOVEMBER 18th 2018

 Final gala event of the year, The Last Hurrah, provided six active locomotives and was, as ever on this railway, a highly entertaining event. 45125 "Leicestershire and Derbyshire Yeomanry" runs South, light engine, into the early morning gloom.

 73156 at Loughborough waiting to depart with a freight train.

 Out after overhaul was class 5 No 45305 "Alderman A E Draper", named after the man who saved it from scrapping.
Having previously photographed all the other locomotives rostered today, I decided to ride the cushions for the rest of this event.

 Oliver Cromwell's ticket expires at the end of 2018 so a last look was essential.

 Oliver's final departure.

NOVEMBER 11th 2018

 New build Patriot 5551 "The Unknown Warrior" was part assembled and coupled to the Crab tender on loan from the East Lancashire Railway. The locomotive crest had earlier been dedicated by Simon Weston. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me so iphone pictures only. Walking through the door and seeing this, I have to say, took me aback, I never thought I would see a Patriot again. There is still a great deal of work to undertake before the engine is completed and donations to The LMS-Patriot Project are still welcomed.

 Freightliner 66418 was on display in the yard.