CREWE, OCTOBER 23rd, 2018

 Sandbach and, having waited for a northbound Pendolino to clear, 70014 made a smoky start.

 Liverpool Lime Street - Crewe.

 The peace at Crewe was shattered as Britannia's mournful whistle announced its arrival.

 Out on a loaded test run, Crewe-Shrewsbury-Crewe, the prototype BR standard made a spirited start.

 68017 and 68033 were standing in bay platform 8.

 The pair soon left and ran round to the DRS depot.

 My moaning rattler home.

 CREWE, OCTOBER 22nd, 2018

 68026 passed through platform 5 and onto the LNWR carriage sidings.

 The Duchess arrived from Bury for a brief stop while on its way to Southall.

 While I was admiring one of Stanier's marvels, these two hurried through on the UDL.

 All too soon it was time for "Sutherland" to leave.

 Strangely, a TPE unit was stabled on the LNWR Heritage Co's site.

 90044 piloted 90043, hauling a northbound freight having paused for a crew change.

 My moaning chariot home.