CREWE, JUNE 6th 2019

 68 029 "Courageous" crept through platform 11 before disappearing up the main line heading North.

 66 715 paused before leaving northbound with a rake of tanks.

 Each vehicle had patches welded on, all in the same place.

 45690 "Leander", having hidden behind the supporting structure, eased forward while the Steam Dreams Excursion, running Euston-Holyhead, had arrived in platform 12 while its passengers disembarked to see the Jubilee.

 Finally the diesel was removed from the train and ran forward to couple to the rear of the train.

 5690 set off to attach to the train.

 Reversing onto the stock.

 A brief whistle to get the passengers to board.

 "Leander" lit up Crewe as it stormed out of the station.

 New stock on test as 195 110 entered the UDL off the WCML.

 158 836 with the new Transport for Wales livery.

 The Crewe-Chester shuttle was busy.

 The 195 soon left, heading back North.

 68 029 returned and parked in bay platform 10.

 My chariot home.