A RAIL37 Churnet Valley Railway picture report

 80098 on loan
14th August 2002

 Standard tank locomotive number 80098 is currently on loan to the Churnet Valley Railway. August presents an opportunity to ride the line on Wednesdays so off I went to see the visitor. Usual shot, different loco, as 80098 entered Froghall with the first train of the day.

 One passenger was asking, quite seriously, why 80136 had been renumbered - I didn't hear the reply! The cab side numbers are larger on this baby and the black seems to be more weathered.

 Entering Leekbrook tunnel.

 Preparing to leave Cheddleton for Froghall.

 I rode to Cheddleton via Leekbrook and headed for the Boat Inn for some lunch before returning to see the next service in from Froghall. 80098 made a dramatic appearance round the water tank.

 The TVT128G Group had turned up with a party of visitors for the railway and 128 was parked up on Station Road where it attracted quite a number of admirers.


 Froghall runround.

 The TVT128 Group administrators holding an impromptu meeting en route down the valley. On the left is Frank Santrian then Alan Hall, Keith Broomhall and John Turner.

 Another ride down the valley to Froghall and a dash to shoot the train returning to Cheddleton on its penultimate run of the day. 80098 is traversing Bolton's works.

 A somewhat hairy, tractor evading, dash to Leekbrook in time to see the Standard Tank performing its runround in preparation for return to Cheddleton and nicely framed by the Leek Road bridge. I have always understood that this crossing is the route of the original Leek-Cheddleton road before the bridge was built. Standing by the crossing I have to wonder what the incline was like in pre bridge days?

 Another look at the mess formerly known as Leekbrook Junction, this shot is looking North and just past the right hand marker board, is the line to Cauldon Lowe - find it if you can. Straight ahead is Leek.