A RAIL37 Churnet Valley Railway picture report

7th July2004

92203 "Black Prince" arriving at Cheddleton with the first train of the day. 

 Running round at Froghall.

 Leaving for Cheddleton.

 The overhead wire project continues apace and a set of insulators has now appeared on the bridge wall at Froghall while the skull looks on...

The canal tunnel at Froghall .

 A tranquil scene at Froghall basin.

 A canal lock is being repaired - where does it lead to?

 This is a part of the world about which I know nothing so there is work to do.

 Back at Froghall station and a return run to Cheddleton.

 A chance to inspect the flangeless centre driving wheel on Black Prince - a characteristic of all the 9F's.

Getting ready to take on water at Froghall.

 Passing Cheddleton yard and a glimpse of the DMU - I can't wait to see it in service.

 The shed yard at Cheddleton.

The 9F was off to Froghall again but, after a cup of coffee in the station buffet, I wanted to see the runround at Leekbrook.

 Arrival at Leekbrook.

 A wonderful day's travel - see it while you can.