A RAIL37 Churnet Valley Railway picture report

A pictorial retrospect of formative days of
The Churnet Valley Railway...

Dates, details, corrections and comments all welcome

 Images of various events on the Churnet Valley Railway, some quite good quality, others not so good but historically worth displaying.

A shot of a northbound train in the Churnet Valley, believed to be at Consall.

The Cromer Express passing through Thomas Bolton's site. Photographer unknown.

A holiday special in the Churnet valley. Photographer unknown

 A shot of Oakamoor Station and signal box taken from the road crossing. The locomotive is a Stanier class 5 carrying a "special" headboard which, in modern parlance would be a reporting code. Photographer unknown

 Previously shown on this site is this well known shot of 42668 at Consall. Photo Harold Bode.

 Cheddleton goods yard crane. Photographer unknown

 Cheddleton crossing and signal box. Photographer unknown

The North Staffordshire Railway Society's first piece of track at Cheddleton

The tender for 44422, being delivered from Bescot on the back of a sand train, passing over the Station Road bridge at Cheddleton.

The same tender being unloaded. This was the first vehicle acquired by the Society.

The next equipment to arrive were the two Mk1 coaches recently withdrawn from the North Wales Coast services. They are seen here behind a class 25 waiting to be taken forward for lifting.

Getting them to Cheddleton was easy but lifting them across to a length of track with one crane was another matter. We had intended to lift one end across and then move the crane along and lift the other end across. As we soon found out, bogies don't rotate very much (certainly not enough) and especially when constrained by lifting cables. They also have a nasty habit of dropping out when the body is lifted! We eventually completed the exercise by moving each end across as far as possible then lowering the bogie onto sleepers, moving the crane back and repeating the exercise. The operation took so long that we could only complete the first coach, the second had to be taken to Leekbrook Junction where it was left until a "later date". Pioneering days.......

 Another coach arrives at Cheddleton.   Photographer unknown.

 By the time this shot had been taken the bay had been fitted with track and the two coaches suitably parked. There, they were utilised a a cafeteria with food and drinks being sold from the vestibule in the centre!



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