A RAIL37 Churnet Valley Railway picture report

A pictorial retrospect of formative days of
The Churnet Valley Railway...

Dates, details, corrections and comments all welcome

Crude it may have been but a good time was had by all by the look of these youngsters.

The membership application form.

 My two sons watch a double headed sand train head for Oakamoor as 44422 is unloaded.

 The Hunslet austerity, later to become "Josiah Wedgwood" then 68030 and 44422 repose at Cheddleton soon after delivery.

 The chassis of 44422 undergoing restoration at Cheddleton with the chassis from 80136 at the side. No cover under which to work!

The Hunslet sits with sacked chimney as a sand train heads North behind 24082.

 Probably the same train from a different angle.

Eventually an engine shed was constructed at Cheddleton to facilitate the overhaul of 44422 - it was actually constructed from boiler tubes extracted from 44422. Such is the ingenuity when there is no money to be had. A credit to all concerned at the time.

Knottystalgia 2 features some of the DMU specials to Oakamoor etc. This is a shot from one of the early "Knotty Rambler" charters and reveals that the problem of trespassing sheep is nothing new.

 Ticket from the first "Knotty Rambler" which was organised by BR at Stoke. The Society were sellers of most of the tickets and BBC Radio Stoke joined us on board where interviews were carried out and later broadcast. The trip up the Biddulph Valley Line witnessed vast numbers of people in their gardens waving to the train as we headed towards the colliery.

 One of the many Ramblers organised by the Society/Company.

 The reopening special which ran from Chester to Oakamoor seen here pausing at Endon Station while the road crossing was made safe to proceed.

 The DMU venturing onto the crossing - note the yellow Cortina, complete with CB aerial good buddy, belonging to yours truly! I think I had long hair and wore flared jeans as well.....


 Another charter returning to Cheddleton, presumably from Oakamoor.

 A Rambler returns to Cheddleton with "Josiah Wedgwood" in steam alongside. Note the "remains" of 44422 in the yard.



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