A RAIL37 Churnet Valley Railway picture report

A pictorial retrospect of formative days of
The Churnet Valley Railway...

Dates, details, corrections and comments all welcome

 Cheddleton Museum(!) under construction.

 "Josiah Wedgwood" parked alongside the partially completed museum with the chassis of 44422 behind.

 "Josiah" showing its paces when running was restricted to the short section of track linking the station and the yard.

 I always preferred "Josiah" in what was an attempt at madder lake.

 "Josiah" in service at Cheddleton.

A study of "Josiah" with one of the 08 diesel shunters taken from atop a signal post that was merrily swaying in the breeze - only once! The boilers from 44422 and 80136 can be seen in the shot.

Same day, same location as 47532 draws a train of BIS hoppers across the road crossing at Cheddleton. This was supposed to be the last sand train to/from Oakamoor but it turned out not to be the case when several more ran.

The chassis from 80136 sits on the Cheddleton production line with 44422 behind.

 80136's chassis inside the now completed shed.

Clifton Crossing signal box at Cheddleton. This unit can now be seen at Consall as a working box.

The start of the passenger diesel era in the Churnet Valley. This is Class 25 "Tamworth Castle" in BR blue livery, I don't know the location or the photographer.

Nothing really to do with the Churnet Valley Railway but of interest locally, this was the engine shed at the now demolished Wolstanton Colliery. "Josiah Wedgwood" did, of course, spend some time at Wolstanton as a stationary boiler so I guess there is a connection.

Colliery direction sign on the "D" road or A500 as we now know it.

 Froghall before it all began......



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