A RAIL37 Churnet Valley Railway picture report

A pictorial retrospect of formative days of
The Churnet Valley Railway...

Dates, details, corrections and comments all welcome

 The NSR lapel badge (top) is just one of several items we used to sell during the "Cheshire & Staffordshire" days. The two lower items are (hippie?) pendants that were made by one of our early members. The lady concerned used to cut the basic shapes from copper sheet and then create the design in enamel and stove it herself in a small enamelling stove. Such items would be sold at such places as Leek Show and other events organised by various railway societies throughout the North and what is now the West Midland. Basic maybe but it was all we were able to do to raise funds in those far-off early days.

 80136 "on shed".

 My family and 80136.

 80136 ex-Barry.

Clifton signal box AKA Consall signal box.

Clifton box.

Christmas "Knotty Rambler".



Knottystalgia 1

Knottystalgia 2

 Knottystalgia 3