A RAIL37 Churnet Valley Railway picture report

 7th JULY 2002 - Part 1

 Steam & Diesel 1960's day on the Churnet Valley Line and, for a change, I started off at Leekbrook. I arrived early so I had a look round and was saddened to see the condition of Leekbrook Signal Box. I know it is only undergrowth and damage is superficial but it does look tragic.

 Even more tragic is the state of the line from Stoke up to Cauldon Lowe. This shot, looking towards Leek, says it all really!

 Looking the other way, in contrast, towards Cheddleton.

 The Stoke line branches off to the left and the Cauldon line to the right.


 33102 emerging from under the Cheddleton-Leek road bridge.

 Leekbrook station with the platform remains on the right.


 S160 and 20154 providing an example of "Steam and Diesel".

 The pair leaving Consall.  It was a strange but interesting sound as the S160 opened up with the diesel engine running in the background. Steam and diesel double heading did happen on BR lines towards the end of steam in the later 60's but more often to provide steam heating than power!



 Part 2