A RAIL37 Churnet Valley Railway picture report

 7th JULY 2002 - Part 2

  Plenty of time before the next so I ambled along the canal towpath. Occasionally there was the sound of birds or running water but, otherwise, the silence was deafening. This valley is truly amazing. A quiet sit down before 68030 arrived in charge of the 14.17 from Cheddleton

 Classic view as the train crosses the Cauldon Canal.

 Canal marker.

 A smart hike down the valley and the next train was the 13.02 from Cheddleton with 33102 in charge.

 The S160 on its way.

 The return service had 5197 at its head and the big engine was having to work as the passenger loading grew. Notice the smoke running ahead of the chimney.

 68030 returning to Consall with The Black Lion in the background.

 Clifton signal box.

 Consall station building.

 Diesels at Consall......

 ......and at Cheddleton.

 The S160 leaving Cheddleton with the penultimate train of the day.



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