A RAIL37 Churnet Valley Railway picture report

 Consall Run
 29th April 2001

 Census day, the last weekend in April and time for another ride down the Churnet Valley. I wanted to catch the B1 before it departed for its Scottish escapade but when I arrived at Cheddleton the B1 and S160 were both simmering in the yard. There was no stock in the platform but there was a rumble of diesel in the background and sure enough Class 25 "Tamworth Castle" drummed its way into the station and stopped. A staff member advised me that the B1 had been failed a few days ago and that the air pump had failed on the S160 but it was hoped that the latter would be serviceable later in the day.

 D7672 "Tamworth Castle" waits to depart from Cheddleton for Consall.

 Cheddleton shed yard with 5197 with an 08 shunter D3420 and class 20, D8154.

 Class 20 diesel number D8154 was shunted past the train.

 "Tamworth Castle" sets off again for Consall

 Cheddleton shed yard.

 Local wildlife got in on the act but foot & mouth disease prevents staff from chasing them off. The train moved very slowly ahead until they rejoined their chums in the adjacent field!

 Arrival at Consall and "Tamworth Castle" unhooked to perform its runround trick, what a setting...

  The buffet coach was serving refreshments.

 Round the back of the train and down past the Black Lion to gain access to the loop.

 Clifton Signal Box complete with bow window.

 33102 awaiting the call to work.

 A passing shot of the depot line up with 44422 (rear), NSR No.2, 61264 and 5197 receiving attention

 At Leekbrook "Tamworth Castle" unhooked and commenced the runround procedure. The site of Leekbrook station and the tramway trackbed are to the right of the locomotive

 44422 awaiting its 10 year overhaul.

  48305 without boiler which is away for repair.

 Meanwhile back at the ranch the delinquent B1 was also receiving attention