A RAIL37 Churnet Valley Railway picture report

 1st APRIL 2001

 On 1st April 2001 I decided to visit Cheddleton where an open day was being held. The main car park was full and, thankfully, MAFF had agreed to the opening of the overflow car park so there was no problem. We were met by the sounds of a barrel organ being played on the platform (complete with monkey!) and this really gave the place a party atmosphere. Images of the day herewith............

 NSR No.2 on loan from the NRM.

 44422 was parked outside the shed and looking somewhat forlorn after being withdrawn for major overhaul.

 Inside the shed with the two National Railway Museum exhibits was the boiler from LMS class 8F number 48305.

 My first glimpse of the S160.

 A side/rear shot showing the bogie tender.



 Class 20, D8154

 08320 was one of two class 08 diesel shunters on display.

 Outside was the rolling chassis of the 8F with lots of work being carried out on it. It really is a beautiful machine and built at Crewe in 1943. The engine carries a star underneath the cab side number. Memory tells me that this indicated that the driving wheels had been rebalanced to allow higher running speeds.

 The second NRM exhibit, the NSR battery locomotive that worked the Thomas Bolton copper mill at Oakamoor.

 The museum at Cheddleton.

 While I was returning to the station platform a diesel hooter sounded in the distance and "Tamworth Castle" appeared on a service train. There was a brief exchange of "warning devices" between the class 25 and the S160.