A RAIL37 Churnet Valley Railway picture report

23rd JUNE 2002

 Visitors to the railway.

 09 shunter seen from the hill.

 A bit of local hill climbing for this one looking over the top of Cheddleton Depot and 68030 is dwarfed by the valley terrain as it drifts towards the station.

  Heading towards the station, non-stop for Leekbrook

 An ageless scene.

 Returning to Cheddleton.

 The road ahead for the 15.00 from Cheddleton.


 Having left for Froghall, this was the return service approaching Consall.

 Deep in the valley as the train once again heads South.

 Consall station from the canalside.

 Approaching Consall heading North.

 Last train of the day and the locomotive is detached for servicing.