A RAIL37 Churnet Valley Railway picture report

26th May 2002

 Cheddleton shed yard in the rain.

 Rain! Don't talk to me about rain....we went to ride down the Valley to find that the duty steam engine, 68030, had failed with a hot bearing and the service was diesel hauled. As I waited under the canopy the Class 20, D8154, crept round the bend towards the station in monsoon weather. I had never ridden behind the 20 so this was to be a first but, of course, the return service from Froghall does not stop at Cheddleton so we had to wait a while longer.

 Eventually the train arrived and the rain had eased leaving puddles everywhere.

 Another shot of the yard taken from the train - raindrops and all. The failed 68030 was receiving attention.

 Clifton signal box now installed at Consall.

 The class 20 running round at Froghall.

 L.M.S. extant!

 Ready for the return.

 Consall Station Manager.

 D8154 leaving with the last train of the day.

 The errant locomotive.

 The offending bearing.

 S160 receiving attention.

 Class 5 number 45337 awaiting attention.

 NSR locomotive.

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