A RAIL37 Churnet Valley Railway picture report

 6th March 2005

Day one of the 2005 service timetable and 68030 storms through Cheddleton en route for Leekbrook. On the rear end was diesel 33102, there to need for running round at the southern end of the line. Track had recently been relayed across a bridge just South of Consall and there had not been sufficient time to allow the ballast to bed in thus preventing service trains from crossing. Trains were therefore terminating at Consall but, because the passing loop was occupied as part of the rebuilding of the up platform, running round was not possible.

After arriving at Consall I did a runner to catch the train returning to Cheddleton, seen here crossing the canal by the Black Lion.

 Tacked on the end was the diesel preceded by one of The Moorlander fleet of dining vehicles giving sustenance to a charter party.

 Peaceful scene.

 The occupied passing loop at Consall with the partially completed up platform.

 The train returned with the diesel leading though why the down signal was off as the train entered the station I don't know.

 This was 68030 waiting to leave for Cheddleton just before I boarded the train.

Surprisingly, instead of heading North, the train left for Froghall. I assumed that the problem had been rectified but apparently not for we stopped for a few minutes before returning North for Consall and Cheddleton. Maybe the powers-that-be were just giving us a longer ride.

 Cheddleton and one snack later I watched 68030 pass through for Leekbrook.

 Parked in the bay platform at Cheddleton was the DMU undergoing a thorough cleaning.

 A bit of hill climbing to see the next train approaching Cheddleton...

 ...and straight through for Leekbrook.

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