A RAIL37 Churnet Valley Railway picture report

22nd May 2005
LOCOMOTIVE OWNERSHIP (as at 22/5/2005)
 Class 104 Diesel Multiple Unit  Private
 20007  Churnet Traction & Rolling Stock Group
 20154  Churnet Traction & Rolling Stock Group
 37211  Churnet Traction & Rolling Stock Group
 73110   Churnet Traction & Rolling Stock Group
 25912 "Tamworth Castle"  North Stafforshire Railway Diesel Group
 33056  North Stafforshire Railway Diesel Group
 33102  North Stafforshire Railway Diesel Group
 47192  Staffordshire Type 4 Ltd. (custodians)
 24054  The Bury Type 2 Group
 "Brightside"  Churnet Valley Railway

 Diesel Gala day on the CVR and the first item of stock to greet me upon arrival at Froghall was the Class 104 DMU seen here idling in the up platform.

 Stood some distance further down the platform was the recently restored Class 47 number 47192/D1842.

 The Cheddleton train arrived behind visiting Class 24 number 24054/D5054. Locomotives of this type were regulars in the days when sand trains ran out from Oakamoor quarry - see our Knottystalgia 2 page.

 Taken through the windows of the 104 was Class 20 number 20154/D8154 entering the Consall loop en route for Froghall. On the newly constructed platform were some of the many enthusiasts who were visiting the CVR for the gala.

 47192 entering Cheddleton station, by now I had long forgotten which train was which as the locomotives were coupled and uncoupled.

 Back to Consall now behind the 47 and off the train to see electro-diesel 73110 leading Class 33 number 33102 northbound for Cheddleton.

 Round to the Black Lion in time to see 73110 returning to Froghall with 33102 now attached to the rear.

 Waiting to catch the 24 leaving Consall heading North, just as the sky dumped a few tonnes of water into the valley. Needless to say the rain stopped after the train had gone.

 Back to Consall station's new platform in time to see the 104 entering. Doesn't this unit aptly create the 1950/1960's branch line effect?

 While the 104 waited for the token to head North, the 24 returned.

 Back on the train to Froghall where 33102 was running off the loop to attach to stock returning North.

 A quick snack in the Froghall Tearoom and back to Cheddleton behind 33102......

 ...to visit the shed yard, suitably accompanied by a qualified member of the CVR plc staff.
This is the other class 20 number 20007/D8007 currently undergoing restoration.

 A general shot of the shed with industrial shunter "Brightside"(L), 25912/D7672 "Tamworth Castle" and 20007/D8007.

 Class 25 number 25912/D7672 "Tamworth Castle" is currently awaiting a serious overhaul.

 Also on display was class 33 number 33056, formerly "The Burma Star". This locomotive is more or less a shell and it is currently "on decision".

 Alongside 33056 was 37211 which has been bought as a source of spares for 37009, currently being restored.

 20154 approaching Cheddleton from Froghall......

 ......with 73110 attached to the rear.

 The train reversed at Leekbrook and is seen here entering Cheddleton station, the 20 having run round.