A RAIL37 Churnet Valley Railway picture report

30th May 2008

Another diesel gala and the DMU arrives at Cheddleton from Leekbrook.

At the other end there was a line-up of locomotives with Class 20 number D8001 at the head.

Next was the East Coast monster in the shape of Deltic D9016 "Gordon Highlander".

Then resident 33102 in various shades of blue.

The DMU presented a classic rural scene from the 60's.

The staff were having a chat before the unit left for Llandudno - apparently!

In fact it was next out for Cheddleton but this time with D8001 at the front.

On the way out we passed what used to be Bolton's Copper Works.

At Consall we were met by Class 37 "growler" number 37075.

You could literally smell the paint on this one.

Despite having the class 20 on the front, the DMU was under power.

Hanging around Consall in the peace and quiet we waited until the Deltic appeared. It really is huge.

33102 was on the rear of the train so it brought us back into Chedddleton from Leekbrook where it came off the train to be replaced by 73138 which was waiting in the bay platform.

33102 did a swap and revealed its unofficial name "Sophie".

Back to Froghall where the Triple Header was being assembled.

280 tons of metal and goodness knows how many horsepower..

Arrival back at Cheddleton and the Class 55 still looks massive.

A quick look in the shed where the second S160 was under restoration and then out to see the DMU return.

The chassis of 48173

And the cab