The location of the line. It ran from Lawton Junction on the Crewe-Stoke line, and was the start of a failed attempt by the NSR to reach Liverpool docks and the Americas. The line closed in 1971. Sandbach Goods on this map is more often referred to as Wheelock Goods and sometimes Ettiley Heath.

 Elton crossing signal box controlled the road crossing (Elton Crossing Road) and access to the Foden Motor Company's sidings adjacent to their works.

 The box prior to removal to Cheddleton, unfortunately the scrap men got to the site before all the metalwork could be removed and the cast steel beam supporting the brickwork was taken. A fabricated replacement now sits under the box on the CVR. The box was removed on 17th November 1977, almost 40 years ago and I feel sure the CVR/NSRC will be commemorating the event in due course!

 Name of the road on the track bed.

 The track bed looking away from Sandbach station towards Wheelock, the crossing house (white) can just be seen in the background.

 Same view but nearer - clearly someone has blocked the roadway off although it is a dead-end.

 Alongside the crossing house looking towards Sandbach station. The above two pictures were taken from behind the wooden fence in the background.

 The route of the railway looking away from Sandbach station and towards Wheelock, the crossing house is on the right.

 A similarly located shot taken while the road was under construction - date unknown.

 And again, Elton Crossing Road, now truncated, can be seen on the left by the red safety fencing.

 The box being lifted, again Elton Crossing Road is on the left. The Foden Motor Company kindly moved the box to Cheddleton.

 Crossing house - the former roadway (Elton Crossing Road) was behind the bollards.
Note the house has been renovated and is up for sale. I checked the agent's site but it hasn't appeared yet - there may be dimensions on the sale brochure. Sadly the building has been re-roofed thus losing its NSR tiles.

 Looking from where the road crossing was with Sandbach station to the right.
The box would have sat where the new extension is, to the right of the house, but nearer to the road.

 Almost the same location as the above, the box was located roughly where the RH brick pillar is situated.

 Another shot from Elton Crossing Road.

 Looking the other way from where the road would have been - Sandbach station to the left, Wheelock to the right.

 Similar view.

 The box would have been roughly where the red brick building is but further to the left and the track bed.

 The line would have run roughly through the gap in the Silver Birch trees.

 Route of the line looking towards Sandbach station, crossing house on the left.
The Foden factory siding was on the right behind the trees.

 Same location as the above with the Foden buildings on the right - now a housing development (as ever).

 Looking the other way from the same spot - towards Wheelock.

 Looking the same way (towards Wheelock) but further up, showing the curve in the line.

 About half a mile South, towards Wheelock is the site of Wheelock Goods. I have no idea as to which of the buildings were railway property or ex-NSR. Clearly the big green monstrosity in the background is new.
The line ran behind the buildings.

 Looking towards Sandbach station.

 Same direction.

 I always liked this cute little building - note the finial on top, could be original?

 Note the roof tiles.