A RAIL37 Churnet Valley Railway picture report

 15th August 2001

 11th August 2001 was the day when passengers were first carried through to Kingsley and Froghall. 15th August was the first operating Wednesday of the year and the following pictures depict some of the day's activities.

 Standard tank 80136 was on duty and preparing to leave for Froghall.

 The two NSR locomotives were on display at Cheddleton.

 CVR diesels.

 One of the 08 shunters was receiving attention in the shed.

 S160 "on shed".

 The new station building at Consall, a close replica of the original.

 The infamous up platform shelter overhanging the Cauldon Canal.

 One half of Bolton's copper mill.

 Froghall station with its temporary accommodation.

 80136 running round.

 Ready to leave.

 Locomotive water supply.

 Some of the stock in Cheddleton shed yard as seen from the train.

 80136 running through Cheddleton en route for Leekbrook.

 Returning to Cheddleton.

 44422 gently rusting at Cheddleton while awaiting attention.

 48305 under repair.

 What a difference 20 weeks has made!!!