A RAIL37 Churnet Valley Railway picture report

 22nd November 2001

 2-8-0T locomotive 5224 was transferred from the LNWR workshops at Crewe to the Churnet Valley Railway earlier today. The locomotive has been overhauled and is visiting the CVR to allow running in to take place. After unloading the GWR engine, the low loader collected 80136 which was going on loan to the West Somerset Railway, probably until March 2002. The loco is seen here passing Froghall station.

 The slow movement of the load down the bank caused a tail-back which was held further as the trailer negotiated the turn in to the car park.

 The turn into the Thomas Bolton car park was difficult due to parked cars and the telegraph pole was not ideally situated. To make matters worse the trailer grounded on the entrance floor but eventually it was cleared and the traffic jam was eased.

 The police escort signed off and disappeared until 80136 was ready to move.

 Down the approach road and a little bit of tree scraping only to reach the line and find out that the loco was facing the wrong way. Astonishingly the driver reversed all the way back to the car park and then reversed back again to unload.

 By this time 33102 had arrived at the station with 80136 and was waiting for the GWR tank.

 33102 pulled forward.

 The low-loader was by now reversing through the trees to reach the rails.

 The experts discussed the matters in hand in great detail but seemed to be in full agreement about everything!

  The load was positioned over the track.

 Spare diesel engine.

 The rail ramps were positioned, bolted and suitably packed. The engine was attached to a steel rope on the trailer winch before the securing chains were removed.

 Slowly the machine was allowed to run down the slope under gravity before reaching solid ground again.

 The class 33 pulled forward and coupled up to drag the tank off the trailer.

 Meanwhile 80136 was parked at the station platform.

  33102 dragged the tank loco onto the loop but left it short of the platform edge - GWR locomotives have a nasty habit of biting non GWR platforms.

 The diesel then ran round to move up to 80136 and push it down to the waiting low loader.

 5224 received a shot or two of oil.

 After leaving 80136 to the mercies of the low loader winch, the class 33 ran round again and reversed onto 5224.

 The engine was hauled very slowly through the platform under close surveillance in case of fouling. Safely through on the up side, the engine was then taken through the down platform to confirm clearance and then removed to Cheddleton.

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